We’re on our 1 week countdown to our Italy Trip and I’m VERY ready to go.

Ostensibly this is a trip to celebrate my upcoming (Nov.) 50th birthday. A few years back Tina had asked where I would like to go for my 50th and of course my wanderlust kicked in.  Argentina, Norway, The South Pacific, Namibia? I chewed over the possibilities.  We knew we were going to bring the kids and throw out an open invite to friends and family to see if anyone wanted to join us. In the end we came back to the familiar. Italy. Of course, Italy.

Lake Como was the very first place either of us visited in Europe, almost 20 years ago.  I couldn’t have been more green or more American.  It was intimidating and beyond new.  The language, the food, the people – all of it. We were both hooked right away. Over the past 20 years we’ve returned several times. Rome, Milan, Venice, Barolo, Amalfi and of course Tuscany. It never gets old.

So back we go. First to Lake Como in the North, then a 5 hr-ish drive South to Montalcino in the heart of Tuscany and Brunello wine country. I’m taking my Fuji mirrorless and a few lenses with me this time. Hopefully I’ll get some memorable shots along the way and be able to share them here.